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San Pedro Cactus Farm

In a place far from the maddening crowd, you will find yourselves surrounded by the quiet beauty of the desert.

You will wander through 20 dunam of our botanical cactus garden, eat Poike cooked over a hot fire, and sit on the porch of our "Chan" watching the sunset while sipping our home-made Sabar wine.

You can spend the night in our "Chan" – the Turkish word for travelers lodge – equipped with mattresses and pillows in Indian or Bedouin surroundings. There are showers and bathrooms for your convenience.


The Nursery – For Individuals

In our nursery you will find the largest collection of desert plants in all of Israel . Collectors, nursery owners, garden landscapers, and cactus lovers all have a place here.

Our nursery supplies cactus and succulent plants to all nurseries in Israel . From Naharia in the North, to Eilat in the South.

The nursery has for sale thousands of species of cactus and succulents in all sizes, shapes and colors. Plus there is a private collection for viewing.

Collectors come from all over Israel to find rare plants at a reasonable price that are not sold in regular nurseries.

At any given time it is possible to contact the owner – Cuba Gruber- 050-7-549649 – and receive information on a certain plant, or to consult on the care of the plants.

Also available: consultation in the construction of rockeries, seeding, the care of the seeds, the proper soil and appropriate watering system, plus information on grafting plants and the proper season for these activities.

You can see by us a botanical garden expanding 20 dunam, with thousands of species, in beautiful arrangements.

Come and see for yourselves!

The options are unlimited!


The Nursery – Business Class

Our Cactus and Succulent Farm offers solutions in gardening by matching the proper plants to your gardening needs.

For example, we have plants that are suited in preventing soil erosion for use on the road sides. There are plants that hold up under windy weather conditions and are better suited for the coastal areas. Plus, specific plants for building rockeries in the different areas in Israel , and more.

Garden landscapers can send us lists with botanical names of the plants that they seek, and we will do our best to supply them. With the sale of the plants, we also offer consultation on the proper care of these plants.

Our nursery supplies cactus and succulent plants to all nurseries and flower shops from Naharia in the North, to Eilat in the South.

Our smallest plants come in containers of 5.5 cm. We also offer lines of 8 cm., 10 cm., container 11 cm., container 18 cm., and buckets of 10 liters.

We offer a wide variety of columnular plants, barrel plants, Mother-in Law Seats plants, Euphorbias, colored grafted plants, Nolinas, Yuccas, Agaves, Aloes-specifically Aloe Vera-and, many, many beautiful succulents of all colors and sizes.

You can see by us a botanical garden expanding 20 dunams, with thousands of species, in beautiful arrangements, also rockeries. This enables the garden landscaper the opportunity to see for himself the many possibilities available.

The options are unlimited!


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